Three Provinces Invited Candidates from July 15 to 20

By admin (May 21, 2024)

Three Provinces Invited Candidates from July 15 to 20

In the most recent round of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), three provinces invited candidates from July 15 to 20.

Provincial Nominee Programs Exist to assert more control over the selection of economic immigrants who settle within a nominating province. Skilled candidates who are most likely to fill gaps in the local labour force are likely to be selected by the provincial governments.

There is a much higher chance for a candidate to receive an ITA for permanent residence if they are nominated by a province. Further, 600 additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points are received by the nominated Express Entry candidates. It virtually guarantees an ITA in the upcoming draw.

Available PNP nominations are allocated to each province by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) based on targets in the most recent Immigration Levels Plan. The target for permanent resident admissions over the coming three years is outlined by the Immigration Levels Plan.

In recent times, provinces have been asking for more autonomy over economic immigration and they want unique agreements with the federal government like Quebec. As outlined in the Canada-Quebec accord, Quebec has total authority over the selection of economic immigrants and it is the only country to have such an agreement.

In March this year, a meeting of the forum of ministers responsible for immigration was held and they ratified a new initiative from IRCC, a Provincial Immigration Levels Plan that outlines provincial nomination allocations for the next 3 years. Most of the allocations are higher than they have been earlier.

A strong ability to plan for more newcomers will be provided to the provinces. Provinces can ensure that there are adequate resources like housing, jobs, and other important infrastructure in place to support newcomers and make the province an attractive destination.

Provincial Immigration Results July 15 to 20

British Columbia

Usual Tuesday PNP draw was held by British Columbia on July 18. More than 167 candidates were invited by the provinces in four draws this week. In the Skilled Workers or International Graduate streams, all candidates were participants and Express Entry candidates were included.

112 candidates were targeted by the largest draw with tech occupations. A minimum Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) score of 88 was required by the candidates.

The rest of the three draws were also occupation-specific, and every draw required a minimum of 60 SIRS scores. 16 healthcare professionals, 39 early childhood educators and assistants, and less than five other priority occupation candidates were invited by the province.


On July 20, two draws were held under the Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream for candidates in targeted occupations. 159 candidates were invited in a draw for healthcare professionals and 902 candidates were invited by the province in a draw for tech occupations.

A CRS score in the range of 458-462 was required by all candidates. Recently introduced category-based selection rounds of Express Entry invitations are very much similar to these provincial results. 

ITAs were received by 200 healthcare professionals and 500 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) candidates in the federal Express Entry draw so far this summer. First Ever Express Entry STEM Draw was Held by IRCC in starting of July.

Prince Edward Island

106 candidates were invited by PEI in the first PEI PNP draw of the month on July 20. There were two categories across which the invitations were split.

The first draw was held for the candidates in the labour and Express Entry stream. Under the Critical Worker stream, 97 candidates were invited by the province who are working for a PEI employer and have a minimum EOI score of 50.

Under the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur stream, 9 candidates were invited to the province who met the minimum point threshold of 80.Canada Immigration News provides the latest updates about all the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program draws, keep yourself updated with CIN.